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My name is Adam Robbert.

I run a publication called The Side View. We are an independent publisher that integrates theory and practice, while running parallel to academic and public conversations. We publish a journal, online and in print, and a podcast that explores the nature of perception and attention by having conversations with architects, cognitive scientists, athletes, philosophers, contemplatives, and more. We have an online shop, and you can learn more about us here, or on Twitter, Patreon, and most podcast platforms. Most recently, we have launched a YouTube channel.

I am a philosopher by training. My first book as a solo author is contracted with Revelore Press, and will be finished in 2022. The book is about askēsis (exercise) and its relation to perception. Askēsis aims at a transformation of perception through a variety of exercises, including contemplative practice, philosophy, athletics, art, and more. These practices are concerned with the development of our inner and outer senses. You can read a draft excerpt here. I write about these themes on Substack and Twitter.


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